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Lotus beauty a jewelry brand born to make your dreams come true.

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since 2015

In hope of happiness for all women and children in the world, a portion of Lotus Beauty profits will be donated to activities supporting them.

The trade name and trademarks of Lotus Beauty are registered. Trademark Registration No. 5730435 and No. 5730436.

News【2015 March 】 We have opened our website.


Lotus Beauty is a jewelry brand born to make your dreams come true.

Wear this jewelry that holds your wishes at all times and your dreams may come true in the end.

The jewelry of Lotus Beauty has elaborate details so that you can be in touch with your wishes all the time.

Women’s wishes are endless. You can have as many wishes as you like.

We hope many women will have wonderful miracles and all their wishes come true, so that the world will be filled with women shining from within.

A Lotus Beauty jewel is carefully handmade for you by our skilled jeweler after a thorough consultation with you.

The jewel comes with the Lotus Beauty logo and a serial number engraved upon it. It will be your one-of-a-kind jewel in the world.

Handed down from parents to children, and to grandchildren…
It will be our honor to offer you a precious jewel that you will cherish for generations.

Rikako Kushihashi

Jewelry line up

YUME- Dreams come true -


The jewelry has the Lotus Beauty logo and a serial number engraved upon it.It will be your one-of-a-kind jewel in the world.

On the backside of the pendant you will find a door, when opened, you may place an object precious to you.

You can use this jewel;

  • To place a note with your wishes on to make them happen.
  • To keep memorable objects from your family and beloved ones.
  • As a secret lucky charm to wear all the time.

You can enjoy this gem the way you like, to suit your lifestyle.

Material: 18k gold, natural ruby
(diameter of about 2 mm)
Chain: 55cm long triple cable chain necklace
Compartment Size: about 12.6×12.6×12.6mm
Price: ¥618,000
Price incl. tax: ¥677,440
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You can open the door on the backside of the jewel and put in your precious objects.
The door is decorated with a natural ruby stone and slides open. It stops when opened, and is removable with an extra pull.
Every jewel compartment comes with a serial number. It will be uniquely yours. ( photo left )
The jewel compartment and the clasp plate have the Lotus Beauty logo. ( photo right )

- Other items -

Amethyst RingAt D0.06 PG Y-004

Combine contradistinction form such as circle,
Angle, line, and dot and express「Wish」
send out to macrocosm.

Inca Rose pendant
necklaceI D0.08 PG Y-002

Mother Earth in Space
Designing the magnificent inspirational
Sean falling

Blue topaz pendant
necklaceBt D0.06 Pt Y-003

The jewellery expresses「Spirit」
which passes over the space
and the time like a beam.

Citrine ringCr D0.08 Pt Y-005

Look down glitter of the globe
from the outer space.
One and only desighned sparkle jewellery.


Lotus beauty Takamatsu store

1F Excelbuilding 2-15 uchimachi
Takamatsu-shi Kagawa Japan

Designer & Producer

Rikako Kushihashi- Designer & Producer -

rikako kushihashi

Born in Kagawa , live in Takamatsu.
Lotus Beauty is the jewelry brand provides pliant and delicate designs based on European jewelry.
I am apprenticed to the international jewelry designer Mitsuo Sawada, study jewelry designs, and produce the jewelry for wide range of age groups.

Message from Rikako

I founded the jewelry brand Lotus Beauty in hope of all women's wishes coming true
and each one of you living a radiant beautiful life.
We carefully create jewels one by one hoping your dreams will come true.

I hope all women in Japan and in the world will make their dreams come true
and live freely and fully, as their heart desires.


For Women and Children

Lotus Beauty’s intention is to create a society where all women can fully enjoy the freedom to live true to themselves
and children have a bright future with hope.

We believe that if women live their everyday life in satisfaction and shine from within, the world will be filled with peace and love.
And in that world, children of the future will have dreams and self-confidence, and live as their heart desires.

Our goal is world peace.
Lotus Beauty will continue to support all women and children.

Order & Contact

You can make inquires and orders for Lotus Beauty products from this page.
If you have any questions about the product and/or after-sales service, please send them on this form.
We will reply within 3 business days. Please note that it may take more time depending on the inquiry.

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It will take 1 to 3 months for production.
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Material: 18k gold, natural ruby
(diameter of about 2 mm)
Chain: 55cm long triple cable chain necklace
Compartment Size: about 12.6×12.6×12.6mm
Price: ¥618,000
Price incl. tax: ¥677,440
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